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An Engaged and Invested Partner

Our upside-down design/build model utilizes the people at the ground level that have a working knowledge of all variables, from innovations in materials and mechanicals to current supply costs and local municipal requirements. We are not just a contractor. We are a partner in each project’s success in the marketplace. We are passionate about creating optimum cost and schedule efficiencies by participating early and often in plan review. We believe that our diligence in eliminating waste from inefficient or over design enables our clients to build a community that is best-in-class and offers a better living experience to their customer.

Interdisciplined: We have an experienced group of professionals on our team with disciplines in municipal approval and agency coordination, land planning and site and architectural design that helps us identify problems and solutions before they become expenses.

Organized: Short lines of communication and quick responses throughout the design process ensure our client’s final product will meet their expectations for aesthetics, function, quality, budget and schedule.

Focused: As a result of our development alliance, Front Street’s team understands and is more directly obligated to the expectations and structure of the project’s funding sources and constructs units to the project’s end goal—revenue. Our property management association has helped us to be sensitive to operational advantages—evaluating features and finishes that improve revenue and resident retention, striving for lower maintenance costs by offering superior materials and scheduling the project to accommodate the early completion of curb appeal elements.

Accountable: We produce comprehensive reporting updates monthly to facilitate communication. Additionally we utilize drones for regular progress videos and photography and upload them for access on our YouTube channel (link to our channel).

Trusted: We value teamwork and trust and believe it results in success for all members and a superior product for the end user. Each development is another chance to build trust through collaboration, communication, attention to detail, responsiveness and transparency. We are proud that we have worked with our major subcontractors and suppliers for over 20 years and we have built nine projects

Front Street About

Meet Our Team

Our team has built Front Street together. We’ve built communities together. We’ve built water towers for Water Mission and houses for Habitat for Humanity together. We understand the power of synthesizing individual strengths and ideas for a common purpose to the benefit of our processes, our customers and our global community.

Ellis Coleman
Ellis ColemanPresident
Founding member of Front Street with 40 years of single and multifamily construction experience. Focuses on pipeline expansion by developing new construction design/build opportunities and ICF specialization.
Craig Ferri
Craig FerriVice President
Founding member of Front Street with 33 years of experience as a multifamily general contractor. He provides leadership for all construction operations from design to completion.
Natalie Coleman
Natalie ColemanVice President
Provides leadership and management for daily operations and finance with a focus on implementing procedures that increase efficiency and accountability.
Drema Worley
Drema WorleyOffice Manager
Responsible for all office procedures and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations for the entire team. She enjoys the diversity of her position and the daily interactions with employees and related duties.

Explore Recent Work

Our team has successfully produced over 2,000 single and multifamily units together and we bring this unique perspective to each project we pursue.