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We Know Multifamily

We specialize in new mid-rise multifamily, light commercial and mixed use construction including retail and restaurant upfits. We have over 30 years of experience in wood-frame construction. We also recognize that insulated concrete form (ICF) construction offers many benefits to our clients and end users and we are one of the few general contractors in the Southeast focusing on this specialized construction method.


Our experience includes:

  • Urban mixed use residential over restaurant and retail
  • A+ and B+ wood-frame garden apartments
  • Luxury mid-rise condominiums
  • Insulated concrete form and wood-frame construction
  • HUD 221(d)(4)
  • Renovation

Our focus is on production-oriented design, improved building envelopes, competitively priced interior finishes and energy efficient systems.



ICF or Insulated Concrete Form construction is a reinforced concrete exterior wall system that offers many benefits to our clients including:



  • Long-term energy efficiency
  • An R-20 to 28 rating for its entire lifetime
  • Recycled material
  • Reduced construction waste and associated methane gas production compared to wood-frame


  • Protection from hurricanes, tornadoes and severe storms
  • Fire resistant
  • Mold resistant


  • Constant temperature control
  • High indoor air quality
  • Excellent sound attenuation


  • Exterior walls that eliminate the time and cost of wood sheathing, vapor barriers and nailing schedules
  • Significant reduction in HVAC sizing
  • Lower operating costs – a 30% annual savings in energy costs (over wood-frame construction)
  • Lower long-term maintenance costs – no rot, mold, insect or termite exposure
  • Distinct market-advantage over wood-frame
  • Resident retention


Our team is experienced in property inspections and assessments within the context of asset purchase and rehabilitation evaluation for prospective owners. Our approach enables our clients’ access to valuable “go/no go” input before investments are made.